Fireplaces & Heating


GianTipi have everything you need to turn your Tipi into the perfect setting for your event, our Fire pits create the perfect atmosphere and most amazing centerpiece.

We use practically smokeless logs too avoid to much smoke whilst still providing heat for your guests. We also have heaters for any winter events to ensure a comfortable and perfect atmosphere.




Tables (long tables seating 6-8), Round tables, Benches and Chairs. You can use a combination of long tables and matching benches or a combination of these and chairs. Our tables are rustic in design and don’t need a cloth.

We also have a variety of relaxed furnishings, including a Chesterfield sofa, peacock chairs, coffee tables, lanterns and gorgeous rugs and floor cushions. These all make for relaxing ambience for your guests to chill out, all alongside a beautiful fireplace as a centerpiece for the tents.



The lighting can turn a GianTipi into your perfect magical setting. There are limitless options to the lighting and it doesn’t stop inside the Tipi, we have outdoor lighting, such as uplighters and festoon lighting to beautiful fairy lights entwined throughout the Tipi. We are very open to any suggestion and requests, we try and make anything possible for your day so never hesitate to ask.

Flooring & Staging


We use the very reputable DandyDura natural fleck matting to floor your tent. The tightly woven matting always looks pristine and gives the Tipi a real authentic feel. We pressure wash it after every use to keep it looking wedding ready.  We provide staging for the bands or DJ’s and dance floors for the guests, no more needs to be added; the dance moves speak for themselves.